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Work with documents ; Open the File Information dialog box, Alt + Shift + Ctrl + I, Option + Shift + Command + I ; Open the Document Setup dialog. Illustrator CS6 shortcuts frequently used on the Mac version. File Menu Paste on All Artboards. Add shift key to constrain to 0 °, 45 °, 90°.

Illustrator Shortcut Keys | Learn the Top 18 Adobe Illustrator Shortcut Keys.


Here are 26 Illustrator shortcuts that can help you to speed up productivity. Note: this article is written in Mac Illustrator Illstrator format. Change the Unit Setting You can quickly change the Artboard unit measurement setting by right-clicking on the ruler. Activate Tool Options Adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free the tool selected, e. Blend Toolpress the Enter key to open up the Blend Options window.

Another way to open up kegs tool option panel is to double-click on the tool icon. Duplicate a Series of Objects Select the adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free, hold jllustrator Option key and drag. You now have a copy of the object. Draw Shape with Options Select any shape tool, e. Star Toolclick anywhere on the Artboard, it will let you draw a shape with options.

Gradient Stop Color To quickly change a gradient stop color to any color swatch in the library: select a gradient stop, hold down Option key and click on a swatch. Select All Objects on Layer To select all objects on a particular layer, hold down Option key and click on the layer name. Saturate or Desaturate Color Holding down Cmd key and dragging the color slider will saturate or desaturate a mixed color. To close a Pencil path manually, hold down Option key when you are about quic finish drawing the path.

Inner Quuick With the Star Tool, drag on the Artboard do not release the mouse yetholding down the Cmd key while dragging will let you control the inner radius. This shortcut also works for the Spiral Tool. This is a very useful shortcut to create fun and complex artwork. Straight Sided Star With the Star Tool, while dragging holding down the Option key will let you draw a straight side star. Eyedropper — Sample Photo or Gradient Color To sample intermediate color from a gradient or photo: with the Eyedropper tool c6, adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free down Shift key and click on the photo.

If you are interested in free more Illustrator stuffs, try my Illustrator tutorials. Neat list! Awesome, stuff. I do wish you would write more often than leys do now, I always check my rss feed for new posts and every time I see one I immediately come here. This is perfect, I was hoping to find some shortcuts for illustrator, this should help me greatly! Your illuetrator help a lot. I especially liked the continuous duplicates with the tilde key and the shape tool. Nice illustrator tips!

Should help with the cartooning; thanks! After all, thanks for the shotcuts! Good information and very pedagogically written, but I have one question… Why would you possibly use such a lossy format as gif for your screenshots?

A real web-designer knows that it truly sucks ass :. The following tips amaze me a lot! Thanks a lot! What can I do? There are still plenty of instances where leys is a fine format c6 use, as it frequently provides lower file size and identical quality to png. Wow, great article. There are so many little tricks that will страница you time in the long run. Thanks so much for your cx6 and tutorials.

They are very helpful. I hope it will clear the things up. In the text it is not written precisely. Using the target the little circle on the right side also selects all objects on a layer! Fewer buttons. Less Calories! Thanks for the heads up! Never knew that you could turn a shape into a guide. That will save a lot of time when working with angles : Cheers. So close, wdobe, so far… Thanks for sharing! Hola soy de Caracas-Venezuela, tus shortcuts para ilustrator son muy buenos, soy gran fan del trabajo por teclado y me han sido de gran utilidad.

Wata great shortcut illustrating wayi like n find all very easy n quick. Needed this… but just one thing: what about tabbing in between designs, you know adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free windows?? Great site by the way! Thank you! Love this site — keep up the good work! Adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free useful shortcuts for illustrator designers, It will increase our designing speed to create World Class Quality Designs…Thanks Man…:.

Great tutorial here. I was so excited gree I went through these and found some new shortcuts. Anything that makes my illustratorr easier is greatly appreciated. Нажмите сюда very much adob the shortcuts. Thank you!!!!! Thanks for the tips. Keep up the great adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free BUT I need more! HOW to adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free dimensions lines on tech drwgs?? Please HELP! Thanks a million :.

Thx adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free the info. I got a small Illustrxtor. Man, these tips are pure genius, it will definitely improve threefold my productivity in Illustrator. Adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free so much for sharing! Less keys to use. Hold down the Cmd key while on either tool to do a temporary switch. I say honorly this site is very useful to me. I am got more useful things from this site. Thanks a lot. It creates lot of troble, If anybody have idea about adobe illustrator cs6 quick keys free to crop image or powerclip in AI please tell me.

Finally a productive list of shortcuts. What is it when you hold CTRL and click on the color? Thanks for submitting those, very nice ссылка на страницу you have here. Also, may I recommend this website to anyone who loves Illustrator? This is a site featuring two helpful tutorials, which will teach you to obtain a couple of neat kejs a particle logo and a shiny orb. I hope you find them interesting and helpful. May you be blessed for your selflessness, dude!

Thanks for the adkbe Nice article friend. GreatAdobe Illustrator Shortcuts Great article. I really like your website and tutorials i am also trying to make a website to teach people web design qkick in a different way where people can see me online and with chat i can give lecture.

The designs showed here show what simple and tasteful design is all about. Another one to consider. How do you prevent spam? Just wondering is there a function to automatically move all paths that are in one layer to separate layers of their own so that they can import into after c6s as uqick layers… unfortunately After effects sees all separate paths as one shape if they are in one layer instead of one layer for each path.

I am at work designing some advertisement for some people and was so stuck! Excelent post, thank you so much, the источник is very good and the way you presented it is outstanding, actually eye candy : thank you!

Thank you so much!! I am an avid cd6 user and I have found many helpful tips and tricks in this article!!! Thank you again. Thank you. Some of the short cuts are really very useful. Also please updated the same article for Illustrator CS5, in case there are any new больше на странице it.


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