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Autodesk inventor 2016 assembly constraints free

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First, click the Constrain command and a window will pop up. There are 4 tabs: Assembly, Motion, Transitional, and Constraint Set. The one we will use first is. Use the Constrain command or Assemble command to place an Insert constraint. An Insert constraint places a planar and axial mate as a single. Assembly constraints and assembly joints both create relationships that determine component placement and allowable movement.


Autodesk inventor 2016 assembly constraints free.Assembly Constraints for Auto Explode reference


Suggested practices to speed up and simplify assembly modeling:. Relationships with errors are marked with yellow symbols. Avoid storing all assembly files in one folder. When Autodesk Inventor must search autodesk inventor 2016 assembly constraints free hundreds or thousands of files in a single folder to find the correct file, it can take longer to open files.

As part of the file name, Autodesk Inventor stores the path to the folder where a file microsoft office access 2007 video tutorial free located. When there are fewer files in a folder, the file is located and opened more quickly. If possible, place all subassembly components in the same directory. Suggested practices to speed up and simplify assembly modeling: Customize assembly viewing As you add components, turn off the visibility of components that no longer impact the portion of the design on which you are currently focused.

Pause the cursor over a component in the browser to highlight it on the graphics window. Right-click, and then select Find in Browser or Find in Window to locate components. Click the binoculars autodesk inventor 2016 assembly constraints free on the browser menu bar to activate the Find dialog box.

Specify search criteria to locate constraints, features, and files by criteria specific to the search object. Turn off enabled status for parts you do not need to select but need to see for frame of reference. Use color to segregate subsystems in an assembly. For example, display all components in the pneumatics system in one color, all components supplied by a certain vendor in another color, and so on.

Save the colored subsystems and visibility settings as a Design View. Use representations to customize component statuses Save a Design View or Level of Detail representation of a complex subassembly and turn on visibility for only the components needed to place the subassembly. Use a Level of Microsoft office 2010 greek language pack 64 bit free representation when you place the subassembly. Turn off visibility of nonessential components and save the Design View representation with a unique name.

Reload the Design View representation whenever you work on the assembly. Copy a Design View representation to a Level of Detail to manage the visibility and suppression status.

Create and save Positional representations to capture “snapshots” for motion studies and evaluation of an assembly in various positions. Create overlays in drawings of Positional representations to show the assembly in various autodesk inventor 2016 assembly constraints free. Create Level of Detail representations to avoid loading unneeded components into memory.

Improve computer performance with lower memory requirements. Create a Substitute Autodesk inventor 2016 assembly constraints free of Detail using a surface composite Shrinkwrap or Derived part to significantly reduce file size and memory consumption. Plan for efficiency Plan the top-level assembly and subassembly structure before you create parts.

Hierarchy improves performance. Create logical subassemblies and combine them into larger assemblies. Use Promote and Demote as required to assist in посмотреть больше subassemblies. Keep all components used in a subassembly in the same directory.

Manage assembly relationships Use only as many relationships as are needed to control component position and movement. Relationships consume memory. Avoid redundancy. In the Application Options dialog box, Assembly tab, use Enable relationship redundancy analysis to check for redundant joints. Delete redundant relationships. Important: Turn off the option after completing the analysis. Find relationship errors Relationships with errors are marked with yellow symbols. Expand the relationships folder at the top of the browser hierarchy to see all relationships in the assembly.

Highlight a relationship error to see the related parts highlight, and then zoom to the relationship in the graphics window. Use Free Move to move the component. An elastic band shows the connections to other components. Joint and error glyphs are displayed in the graphics window. Right-click a relationship to view the options. Right-click autodesk inventor 2016 assembly constraints free relationship and select Other Half to expand the browser and reset browser focus to the selected relationship’s other half.

Right-click a conflicting relationship and select Diagnose to display the Relationship Conflict Analysis dialog box. Use the Relationship Conflict Analysis dialog box to suppress or delete relationships and resolve relationship errors.

Use the Design Doctor to diagnose and suggest treatments for relationship errors. Right-click a relationship and select Isolate Components to display only the components involved with the constraint. Organize design files in win 7 theme free autodesk inventor 2016 assembly constraints free structure Avoid storing all assembly files in one folder.

Topics in this section Performance and capacity tips. Parent topic: Fundamentals. Related Information Performance and capacity tips.


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