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Unfortunately, five minutes spent playing the game will make it apparent that, for players of the original Bubble Safari , things are a bit too familiar. The original Bubble Safari takes you to the jungle where you control a sassy and slightly manic monkey armed with a bubble cannon. This unfortunate crustacean has lost its babies to bands of roving bubbles and your job is to pop them and free the little angels.

When your bubbly projectile hits two or more of the same-color bubbles matching three or more , the bubbles pop new to Bubble Safari Ocean , when bubbles pop, they rain down as colored gems. The object in most bubble poppers is to clear the board by reaching the top of the screen, but here the object is to clear the bubbles surrounding the baby crabs and then free them by firing a bubble at them or by causing the bubbles above them to fall.

Power-ups are bought with coins earned by clearing levels and consist of things like more accurate aim or extra bubbles. Boost Bubble come in different types, like Paint Bubbles that turn every bubble they hit into the same color for easier matching , Trident Bubbles that shoot lightning , and a range of other highly powerful varietals.

Points are scored for matching bubbles and scores can be amplified by strategically engineering bubble drops. Get three of these in a row and you trigger Bubble Frenzy, a mode that grants you three explosive, obstacle-clearing bubbles. This is all very similar to the original Bubble Safari , as is the Bubbles From Friends feature that enables friends who are also playing the game to give you additional reserve bubbles. As mentioned above, the main innovation offered by Bubble Safari Ocean is the raining gem feature which enables you to pump up your scores.

As gems pop, they rain or float slowly down, giving you the chance to drag your mouse pointer over them. As usual, this can be annoying. Bubble Safari Ocean is a fun game, despite its relative lack of creativity. Still, it offers few new features and plays overwhelmingly like a somewhat more challenging version of the first Bubble Safari. Looney Tunes Dash! By Neilie Johnson 10 years ago Facebook.

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Bubble safari ocean game free for pc


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Bubble safari ocean game free for pc. Bubble Safari

On this page you can download Bubble Safari and play on Windows PC. Bubble Safari is free Casual game, developed by Antique. Latest version of Bubble Safari. Pop bubbles, enter bubble frenzy mode, disable sea mines, and defeat the ocean hazards in the awesome ocean adventure!

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