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Aug 10,  · Just like Windows Pro license is updated to Windows 10 Pro free. In case you are eager to change your OS edition, you must purchase a new license key for the edition you desire. For example, if you have Windows 8 Home, you must buy a new license before updating it to Windows 10 Pro. Otherwise, you will end up with Windows 10 g: costco. Aug 13,  · Method 1. Manually upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro by upgrading Windows Store. 1. Open Windows Store, log in with your Microsoft Account, click on your account icon and select Download and Updates; 2. Select Store, click Update under Store; Wait for the Windows Store update process to complete. 3. After the update, search Windows 10 Missing: costco. Oct 04,  · Back up all of your important documents, apps, and data. On your Windows 10 PC, head into Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Check for updates. If the free Windows 11 upgrade is Missing: costco.

Costco windows 10 pro upgrade free


Everyone info. The Costco Mobile App is the easiest way to save time and money on the go. We’ve completely re-thought our mobile app and made it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco. Your membership card is now available on the Costco app. Enter the warehouse and begin checkout at the register by using the Digital Membership Card on your phone.

Get refill reminders, track your medications, manage family accounts, transfer prescriptions, and find a Costco pharmacy. Tap Feedback and tell us what you think of our mobile app, website or warehouse. Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. The percentage bars below reflect the average ratings provided per question.

Note: Original answers provided in star rating format. I am now on my second pair. Neither would connect with my iPhone The first pair I had were fine at first, I liked the way they blocked out background noise.

After a few days the volume would go up and down constantly making it difficult to hear at times. When the volume would go up it would become too loud.

Then they just started cutting out and then coming back on. I took them back and waited 2 weeks for them to come back, I was told this was a new pair replacing my defective ones.

Bear in mind if anything goes wrong with your hearing aids you will lose them for 10 to 14 days having them repaired. Lucky for me I still have my Kirkland 8 hearing aids which are fantastic especially given the disaster of the Kirkland 10s. This is my first day with my second pair of Kirkland 10s, but were not off to a great start with them refusing to pair with my phone.

My Kirkland 8s pair instantly with my phone. Given how much I liked my Kirkland 8s I could not be more dissappointed with my Kirkland 10s. We will see what happens but I am leaning towards returning them and spending some more on Widex Aids. Especially one on one conversations and phone calls are really nice! Had to wait two weeks from order to delivery Wore them until 10 PM then put them in the charger. Woke up Wednesday morning and started wearing them at 9 AM. All day long the Automatic program kept cycling between modes every minute or so until I set it to Music.

The right hearing aid completely broke at PM No power, no light, no connection, cannot turn back on, doesn’t light up in the charger, everything. Buyer beware! Simply amazing! I have been resisting getting HA’s due to my young age 49 and refusal to believe I needed them.

After putting it off for 7 years and waiting for HAs to connect via Bluetooth directly to an Android device, I can say I am so happy and satisfied!

The connectivity for phone calls and streaming music is seamless Galaxy S The sound quality on phone calls is excellent for me and the people on the other end. I love that they function like a Bluetooth headphone where the mic is integrated to the HA. I can answer a call with a double tap of my ear and talk to family or friends completely hands free and my phone isn’t even close to me! As for the automatic adjustment for different environments I was at a very loud live Hockey Game and I could hear people next to me, but the background noise was not overwhelming.

I have been on loud buses and in my home, and it all sounds great! I can even hear the TV and the dialogue, all without any additional pieces of hardware no need for TV streamer. If I don’t stream, I can hear my computer sound and dialogue just as clear through the HA’s. I concurrently was testing out another HA from an online website and their sound quality wasn’t nearly as full or clear voices.

These others didn’t switch programs automatically based on the environment, but I had to use the phone app to make program changes. Bluetooth connectivity to my S10 dropped many times throughout the day requiring a phone reboot to take place for reconnection which was absolutely needed to be able to change programs or hear calls in both ears.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I have NOT tried HAs from an audiologist as I don’t see the point, as these are working amazingly well for plus tax! Not a dealbreaker for me in itself but will be a problem as the battery health declines with time.

This momentarily cuts off the connection to the person on the phone. This has happened as regularly as every 20secs in a call. I’ve had 3 different sets of aids from different companies. I I tried Costco aides, because they were rated by Consumers Report 1. I love both the performance and the functionality of these ks 10s. I’ve tried several other more expensive brands and the ks 10s are as good or better at a fraction of the price.

OK, I am cheating because I haven’t bought mine – yet. But I read all the reviews thoroughly and found some common problems which are putting me off buying at the moment. Most of all, the Bluetooth is old technology v4. It explains some of the connectivity and latency problems that affect those who stream music. So I may just wait wait until the next iteration KS 11 arrives and see if v5. I’ve worn HA’s for 20 years and watched listened?

My first hearing appliances – so really difficult to give them a “5” I’d say they are quite workable for my modest high-frequency hearing loss. I can now hear “tiny”, “far-away”, “high-pitch” sounds that I could no longer formerly hear, such as the sound of fabric rubbing together, or the drop of a fork into the utensil drawer, or birds and wind rustling.

That makes my human existance come out of “fuzzy” and into sharper design, like the first time I wore eye glasses. So this I like. After a week or two trying to figure out how to put them in, I’ve got it down pat now – easy! I wear them all day 11 hours and have Bluetooth connection to my iPhone and to my Windows10 laptop for use with both Zoom and Teams conference calls.

Works just fine! I don’t use the app at all and can’t figure out why I’d need to? So all the complaining about the mobile app is just “noise” to me get it? The Kirkland I bought these and unfortunately I lost the left one at work. They got me a new left hearing aid that is not compatible with the right one. I can’t hook them both up with my phone now! They have no idea why they aren’t compatible. They are useless and is frustrating to spend that much money on worthless heating aides.

Just purchased KS10 hearing aids. Even the Costco HA tech could not get it to connect with my hearing aids. Oddly, the bluetooth on my phone registers the aids but Easy Line app does not. Apparently, I have only three options: 1 live with the aids as they are; 2 purchase an HA remote; or 3 return them to Costco!

One side is distored and range bound. I’m sure it’s the programming but I should not be having this problem considering a professional tuned it. My hearing aids dial various people in my contact list.

I have checked with Apple and the settings on my phone are correct. I have Bluetooth connected correctly and Voice Control is off, although the blue voice control menu appears on my phone. Only have had HA for less than a week. Been back to audiologist twice to address “spring-like sound” originating in right ear I assume the ‘master’. Too annoying, these will be going back to Costco. My testing, fitting, and adjustment was performed by an accredited audiologist at Costco, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

So simple to use, well concealed, can handle FL sweat. These are a gift. Costco will 1st show you a scope pic of the inside of your ears for wax. Next, the test and where you are on average for your age. My hearing loss was just a little worse in one ear than average and spot on the other.

Huge thanks to those who put the work into designing and manufacturing these hearing aids. When I take them out at bedtime the silence is remarkable. We are really surprised that my husband can hear so well with this hearing aid he has severe severe loss and I was thrilled that the new technology is working for him.

The hearing aids are excellent for my moderate hearing loss. Bluetooth connectivity is really great to have. But there are caveats. The related application is a garbage in my opinion. It has not worked properly after the first one or two uses. The app does not recognize or detect the left hearing aid despite reboots of all devices involved” phone and aids. It is really a weak app rated in the mid 2s in the app store. I am a very surprised Costco would be associated with this app or, alternatively, would not lean heavily in the developer to get it straightened out.

The bluetooth connection is very flakey when I attempt to connect to my Chromebook which is a fixture on my treadmill. Says it is connected when it is not and so on. The Chromebook connects fine with to my other bluetooth devices.

The net of this is the hearing aids are fantastic, the bluetooth implementation is so so and the app us trash. If you save a setting for ie. TV at if you have a saved setting ie.

You get an internal error. If you make all the adjustments you want and try to save it all you get is the Automatic program with a different name. These are junk. I guess you get what you pay for. Returning these. An online video review of the KS 10 says it’s not forward compatible with the new version of Bluetooth.

The new Bluetooth version apparently is 5. The video review says if we buy the KS 10 we’ll have to buy a different hearing aid if we want Bluetooth 5. I am not sure it’s a good idea to buy hearing aids now and then find out I want to replace them in 2 or 3 years. Apparently other hearing aids already are compatible with the new Bluetooth according to DrCliffAuD’s video review. I like the hearing aids but also agree with others who are not thrilled with the connectivity to iPhone.

I have the iPhone The app is so-so. In addition, I cannot connect to my iPad. The aids themselves are terrific even though many times while on my iPhone calls tend to drop for no reason. These hearing aids are everything they say they are. My second pair of Kirkland hearing aids. They are awesome with Bluetooth to my phone and tablet. I am using android devices and have no problems. Ear tapping to turn Bluetooth on and off take some getting use to but not rocket science.

I am also hearing things I could not hear before with my 7 year old aids. Recharging also works great. No more batteries. Overall I give these hearing aids a I’ve had the new aids for about three months and am pleased overall.

My hearing of female voices is much better. The only down side is that I am getting s’s that sound like SH. I have a follow-up with my Costco Tech this afternoon and hope that she will be able to solve this problem. Otherwise, I’m hearing better than I have in years, and these aids are much more comfortable in my ear channel, than my previous ReSound aids and the improvement in hearing is remarkable.

Got them very recently. They seem to work very well. The features are good. The problem I am having is that the wire to the receiver in the right ear is a little bit short. The one in the left ear is fine.

They are both number 4. Is it possible to get a wire a little bit longer for the right ear. This would solve the problem. Virtually identical to Phonak Paradise but at a price that I could afford. Somewhat improved over my Phonak Marvels.

I have been wearing hearing aids for about 20 years. The last two aids have been from Costco. Best performing and fitted aids I have owned and the after sale service has been outstanding. These K10’s are magic and give me the best hearing performance I have ever had. The fitting process my Costco’s offer is light years ahead of what I had previously received by other vendors in my area.

What is amazing is the Costco aids keep get better and the price keep going down. Thanks Costco. I have had mine under a month. I thought everything was fine until I answered a phone call and the person calling could barely hear me. It happens all the time.

Today on Halloween I started with both of them fully charged T AM and at PM my right ear phone is dead and wont’ take a charge. Sadly I will have to return them. Went to Costco hearing center in Niagara falls Ontario Katelyn was the audiologist she was very knowledgeable taking time to explain how the hearing aids work. Excellent service from front desk. Price was great. All around a very great experience!! I also had Katelyn at Niagara Falls Costco perform my hearing test, program my new KSs and perform minor adjustments after 3 weeks.

Excellent service from her and the desk receptionist. No problems pairing these hearing aids to both my Android phone and my iPad. Stands to reason they would not be as qualified to tweak settings to meet individual needs. Some couldn’t program their way out of a paper sack. The Costco folks have a LOT more experience fitting than any of your Audis do and I’ve found that’s exactly what’s needed.

FYI, two sets back, I had the Audi program them and then bought the hardware needed to tweak them myself. If you’re REALLY not happy with Costco, you could do what I used to do and that is seek out non-profits like Audi clinics at universities where they teach audiology because they have no profit incentive, they’ll spend the time to get it right. Quality product at a good price, just got mine 2 days ago and they are great, can’t believe what I was missing. I use these hearing aids with my iPhone 11Pro.

After a phone conversation more than 10 minutes my sound goes dead for the other party on the phone. Re-dialing connect me again. I went to T-Mobil and to Apple to check their product they work fine. Costco has no solution. Does anybody have a similar experience? Not I. A few days ago I had about a minute conversation through my KS 10s.

No problems at all. Costco has a liberal no-questions-asked return policy. You could return yours and then re-order another pair and see if the problem goes away. If you touch your hair or bump your ear it will hang up. Remember to keep your hands clear of your ear during phone calls. If I have my phone in my hand when a call comes in I just change to the speaker on the phone. This hearing aid provided the most profound improvement in my hearing in the 20 years that I’ve been wearing aids!

I’ve purchased three prior aids from Costco, the last being a Resound aid which I returned after finding it inferior to a Hi Health Innovations aid subsidized by my United Healthcare insurance plan. But in addition to the KS10’s performance, the features that I most appreciate are the rechargeable batteries, the Bluetooth performance and the ability to answer calls without removing my phone from my jeans pocket.

My only complaints are that warranty service may not be available to me during our winters in Mexico and that my phone connections are compromised by interference from high ambient noise. The KS10 is a fantastic aid at a bargain price with the warranty and confidence that I’ve come to expect from Costco. I have only one functional ear, and age related loss in my “good” ear. I recently upgraded from one K9 to two K10s.

Fortunately, my incredibly smart and dedicated Costco specialist was happy and able to hook me up that way. I can now hear sound from my deaf side into my hearing ear, and it’s amazing. Any time you get new hearing aids, it takes some tweaking to get things tuned properly, and this added an extra level of fussing around, but with a little patience and persistence we’ve got it working well.

I was lucky enough to hear out of both ears for a few years, long enough to discover how much of what I thought was my personality, was just my way of adjusting to hearing loss. When I lost my hearing again, I vowed not to go back into that shell. My K10s are making that much easier now.

Make sure your Costco specialist is game to give this a try. You may have to shop a bit to locate one as helpful and capable as mine, but apparently there is support for them to do it from the manufacturer or their reps.

Have them put your two hearing aids on separate transactions. That way, if you’re not happy with the results you can return one and still come away with one great hearing aid without having to send them both back and start from scratch.

Love mine. I am a musician, did much research and asked many other musicians. Most HATE theirs. I have found mine to be excellent even for gigs. They just correct in freq. I’ve played very loud stages, no distortion and very quiet stages, prefect supplemental freq. So subtle that I forget I’m wearing them.

I think the quality of the set-up audiologist makes a big difference. I play guitar and just got my KS 10s. I really like them a lot except for when playing guitar.

Hitting the E string on the 12th fret Other high pitched sounds like the beeping when I open my car door do the same thing. Have you experienced this? Any thoughts on it? Turning on or off of hearing aids via button on hearing aids is too long. Again, if this lag time could be shortened, that would be a welcome improvement.

I have had my hearing aids for days. The first day I was on cloud nine, certain I had found the holy grail of hearing aids. Sadly after 24 hours my ears began to hurt – actually feel swollen and raw. I feel like these are VERY snug in the ear canal and even have to work them in slowly to get them all the way in. After a few seconds they either feel good or they feel like ear plugs, blocking all sound.

It is incredibly frustrating. They requires constant readjustments through out the day to hear clearly. The problem seems worse in my right ear. As for sound quality, WHEN they fit properly, the sound is perfect. I honestly feel it is equal to my natural hearing. Another problem I am having is my right hearing aid gives off an intermittent feedback sound that not only I hear, but my family members hear too.

Even my hair brushing the side of the hearing aid can create this sound. If there is no feedback sound my hair brushing the aids gives off a constant rubbing sound. I have long hair and did not have this problem with my old Halo Hearing Aids.

I am having connectivity issues with my iPhone. At times my hearing aids have beeped and then hung up the call. They were fully charged as was my phone so I am at a loss. This has happened several times. Also sometimes when I answer my phone the sound comes through the hearing aid and other times it is via the phone. I do not know what to expect each call.

No settings have been changed. I am looking forward to my appointment to see if any of these things can be addressed though I am expecting a confused technician.

She seems very nice but I am not confident she will know what to do. Give your ears a week or so to get used to your HAs. No kidding. Both in the canal and behind the ear, as the KS10s, being rechargeable, are a bit larger than battery-operated HAs. Works well. But, you really don’t have to spend money on that. Just use a few drops of olive oil on your fingertip. Also, your purchase at Costco includes free adjustments, both in the store and over the mobile phone through Costco’s EasyLine app for the KS10s.

You could also try different models or sizes of domes. That could give you some relief. Historically, my right ear canal has a habit of ejecting molds and now semi-closed domes. No big deal with the domes; I just poke them back in.

Life isn’t perfect, but for me the KS10s are near-ideal. Due to my severe hearing loss, I requires the custom ear molds instead of the “domes”. I tried the domes at first with my set of Kirkland 9. The custom ear molds fit perfectly and are completely painless to the point that I forget they’re in my ears, and I get no feedback noise whatsoever!.

Not sure the domes are fitting properly and also Bluetooth phone quality js not always good. I’m just amazed at what I have gained from buying more modern hearings aids. I’m suspecting advances in technology over that time are the reason that I can finally understand my granddaughter, my wife doesn’t have to repeat herself so much, I don’t need subtitles on as many TV shows anymore and I can hear Bluetooth music streaming from my phone in stereo at any time.

Maybe my previous audiologist didn’t do a good job. Maybe I didn’t maintain the old hearing aids properly. But I’m thinking it was worth getting replacements, regardless of brand, just as I would get a new smart phone or a laptop. I love my KS10s! These are my first hearing aids, and I love hearing the crisp sounds I’ve been missing: the jangle of grocery cart wheels, shrill bird calls, and the content of most phone conversations. I don’t use the app at all, since it never connected successfully, but my phone handles the Bluetooth connections seamlessly!

I’m impressed by the long battery life and short charging time. I wear mine all day, every day. The size is comfortable, and my short hair shows off the silver “machines”. My only disappointment was the limited color range. I would have loved purple or blue ones! I’m a HA newbie, but so far mine have exceeded my expectations. I can drive with the window down and the radio on; I can stream NPR from my phone while I’m out walking, and I wear them kayaking because they are water resistant in case I capsize!

Just one question: what’s a “dryer”? Mine have a charging case which I leave open all the time. Do I need a dryer? I occasionally wipe the devices off with an alcohol pad to sanitize them.

Should I be doing something different? They’re very good to have. Much more important in areas with higher humidity than in areas with low humidity.

Buying them was easy. Wearing them is easy, too. Got my hearing test done at the Cleveland Clinic and took the report to Costco. They were very helpful and efficient. No problems so far. I bought a UV cleaner and dryer from Amazon. Then into the charger. I particularly like the Bluetooth feature and I listen to music through them almost all day.

I would give it a 5 star simply for the sound quality derived from the new fitting program Ergonomically, it is difficult to handle. The lid does not have a spring to pop it up a bit to grab and falls flat open after opening. You must use both hands on the rounded design that is difficult to grasp and open. The rechargeable design is still working for me after 15 hours each day with quite a bit of streaming time from the computer and TV. I have been wearing the KS6 models and just bought the There are annoying, possibly intolerable, issues with the new model that take away greatly from the generally better technology.

First, I strongly dislike that the iPhone accessibility app is not connected with these. I found swiping up on the locked phone very useful in making adjustments. This includes being able to shut down the volume completely when wearing a hat or ear muffs or when there were objectionably loud noises.

I also like the Live Listen option, it helped to be able to put the microphone of the iPhone anywhere I needed it. I strongly dislike that touching the hearing aids changes various functions. I have changes settings and hung up on people already numerous times simply by scratching my ear, swatting a mosquito, putting on or off hat, mask, glasses, and so on.

Siri also speaks up without my deliberate initiation – which can be startling. When I hang up the phone I expect silence, darn it! Often these tones and Siri’s voice occur for no apparent reason, even when I am not touching my head.

It makes no sense. I have not received a call when driving yet, but I love using my time on the road to make and receive phone calls. If someone calls me, apparently I will have to tap my ear to accept the call. I have already tried this and it does not work well: other unintended things happen instead just as often. When I receive a call, I like it to directly come into my hearing aids, as with the KS6 aids. With these, I have to fiddle with my phone to unlock it and select the audio routing – by which time the caller is wondering what’s up or else hanging up.

The same is true of any other adjustments – one has to unlock the phone, open the special app, wait for maybe 30 seconds or so, and only then be able to start making an adjustment, whereas with iPhones internal “Ear” that I used to access from a locked or unlocked phone, things were able to be done nearly instantly.

I have had my new hearing aids fir two days. I find all of your complaints to be spot on. I really dislike the connectivity with my iPhone. Its is not fluid at all. I am also finding these new ones hurt my ear canals. They are a snug fit which is good for hearing but bad for comfort. Everything so far has been fifty fifty for me. That doesn’t work for me. Tapping my ear didn’t work at all. Audiologist suggested that I tap on the side of my head just above my hearing aid.

That’s worked for me every time. This could easily be a 4. Big bang for your buck. Having worn hearing aids for over 10 years these are amazing. There is one huge drawback however, the software application and the connectivity with Bluetooth leave a great deal to be desired. Personally, after deleting the software app and re-setting the hearing aids they definitely exceeded my prior two sets. I feel your value is exceptional and extremely well supported by Costco.

You just have to deal with wait times when you want to have your aids cleaned and new pads put on. I got my 10 hearing aids about a month ago. They are my second pair of hearing aids from Costco. I have some problems however with the connection to my IPhone. I had trouble with random phone calls being initiated until I shut off voice control on my phone.

I found it annoying. There’s a setting to turn off the feature that causes the hearing aids to connect to the “TV Connector” automatically. I turned it off for the same reason you mentioned. I can now connect to the TV Connector manually. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question 0. Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. WilliamDz Independent Advisor. Hi and thanks for reaching out. I’ll be happy to help you out today.


Costco windows 10 pro upgrade free. How to get Windows 11

I have high-frequency right ear hearing loss and high-pitched tinnitus in my right ear. It has not worked properly after the first one or two uses. Do my accessories work with Windows 11? You work on a monthly salary. We have currently developed a system to include markers for: device boxes, packaging, printed fact tags, in-box flyers, printed catalogues, in-store signage, product webpages, web banners, retail demonstration experiences, and print and digital ads.


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