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V-Control Pro is a Mac/Windows app that connects control surfaces to software applications. It connects Control 24 and Pro Control to Pro Tools and many other. I wanted to use a Digi rack as my interface, but Logic does not offer it as a choice when I go to audio preferences > devices > core audio. Before this upgrade, I was running Mac OS X , Pro Tools and I was using the / Drivers (aka vr3 w/ updated.


Digi and Drivers – Is S1v4 Pro and digidesign 003 compatible in windows 10.


Especially when it comes to uninstalling the ProTools software. Did he install the driver for the Digi Rack? They call it the Avid Family-something or other now. If he installed an old driver, that could be part of the problem. He will need to uninstall that first. But you could try searching for the file name of the. The allow process has a time limit on it, so after the install or REinstall of the driver, you restart and then immediately click allow. Hope some of that helps.

Do make sure you use the correct driver. There are separate ones for the Console and Rack versions. There are also Standalone drivers available when not using Pro Tools at all. This is a link to all the currently available drivers. Digi and Drivers. Thanks for the follow up! An update: I’m pretty sure he has the wrong driver.

Searching the net, we saw a couple of posts talking about the stand alone driver but we have not been able to find it. With the behavior of the Rack and Logic, I’m pretty sure he simply has the wrong driver.

I feel like we’re right there. And to clarify, he should not only be using the stand alone version, but specifically for the rack? We couldn’t find either. Wizzomixer, the link you provided is where we got the driver from, version Would you mind providing a little more direction? Thanks again! I was on the phone with him and didn’t think to ask. He tried both, but are you opening the driver before or after opening the session? I assumed it was the driver itself since he got the message in both cases.

I’m not using the Things work with the If your brother is seeing MIDI input, that means something is working right already. Did he go through the “allow” step I described above? Under System preferences? I remember reading that most audio interfaces will offer some degree of input even without a driver. Maybe it’s acting weird because he didn’t do this step. Also, has he tried the old stand by fix for all problems computer related?

Turn off, Turn on. Sometimes these things get into a weird state and you need to shut down the whole system and restart to get everything to launch properly. Here’s another trouble shooting step. And I hate to ask questions that might be insulting, but does he know how to use the software? Maybe it is working, and he doesn’t have the right inputs selected?

Or the right audio settings in Logic? Can you provide a little more description for giving the permission? We could only see the meter responding, and only on the input channel. Nothing happening on the Stereo Output or being heard via headphones. A couple of things to make sure we’re not missing a small step Does it need to be on to get the prompt?

Does Logic need to be running to get the prompt? I guess, it’s really as simple as I’ve described. After the kext is installed, the prompt to “allow” is pretty obvious.

It doesn’t pop up as a system dialog box or anything. It’s just some text with an “allow” button next to it in that system preferences panel. This doesn’t make any sense. I’m not attacking you, I’m saying that the computer and software are doing things that don’t make sense. If the rack shows up as an option in audio preferences, and you can set your input to the rack in Logic, then it sounds like the kext is installed.

Why you are getting no output is a mystery. No input monitoring in Logic either, I assume? Have you tried routing to a bus then set an aux track to the bus? Just to see if the signal goes ANYwhere inside Logic I don’t think it matters if the is on or off, but in my case it was on and plugged in. I suspect Logic should NOT be running. But the worst that would happen is Logic might crash during the install.

It’s also a mystery to me that you don’t see the Avid kext in either of the Extensions folders, but the rack shows up as an input option. All I can guess now is that there is something about your hardware The mac Book that is different from what I have here. Sorry, but I’m out of ideas. Good luck. One thing that sometimes trips me up is that Logic obeys it’s own rules for audio input and output.

So system sounds, audio in your web browser, games, movies If you have the headphones plugged into the laptop and the audio is set up to output through the Rack, you won’t hear anything. In this neck of the woods is nearly impossible to get gear nowadays with things how they are going.

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Looks like a new interface is in order then.. What is the interface compatible with? I think you may have misunderstood.. I’m not attached to Yosemite. The only function the iMac fulfills is for recording – it sits in the studio at school. I would really love to get a new interface But there is not budget for it.. So is there a cheap way of making it work? Or is the only option a new interface? If you plan to use the latest Your Digi may or may not work with Mavericks, can’t say for sure.

We need 8 Preamps, decent sound quality It doesn’t have to sound amazing, just be good enough for A2 Music Tech coursework TBH, anything that just has 1 unit will probably sound better than all the cable the signal has to go down at the minute We’ve resorted to me taking my Focusrite 2i4 in each day so that it’ll just work – but that’s not ideal when you want to mic up a full kit I have been reading this issue all over the internet.

Trying to find a solution to make my dinosaur Digi work with this system. I am almost convinced that I had to buy new interface. How have you got it connected? I am on yosemite You can post now and register later.

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– The right way to connect digi to new imac via Thunderbolt port –

Posted January 23, I must have uninstalled the drivers somewhere along the way. Posted January 21, Reply I have this question too 6 I have this question too Me too 6 Me too. Is there ab in between point where both will work?? Nothing happening on the Stereo Output or being heard via headphones. Need help signing in?

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