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Attribution CC BY. This book is used in our Principles of Psychology course and provides a comprehensive introduction на этой странице the field of Psychology. Comprehensiveness adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free 5 see less.

The book is accessible to learners and typically provides clear overviews that are easy to follow. The textbook consists of 16 modules with varying topics, which make it adaptable to various courses.

The textbook is comprehensive in each of the subtopics area of study within General Psychology. The textbook includes relevant information for content studied and is up to date with relevant psychological current events.

Textbook is nicely organized and flows well. Chapter Psychological Disorders may go best taught along adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free Chapter 3 Biopsychology. I really like the updated powerpoints to use in my classroom.

The students enjoy the textbook and appreciate the easy online access. The text contains chapters on the majority of primary subdisciplines in the field and especially those areas of psychology that most institutions and instructors Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less. The text contains chapters on the majority of primary subdisciplines in the field and especially those areas of psychology that most institutions and instructors expect to be covered as part of their course learning objectives.

The content audihion generally worded in a way that is approachable to students, but at times it feels incomplete and I have to find supplementary resources for topics. For example, in the Sensation and Perception chapter, the authors provide a good overview and differentiation of sensation and perception. However, the remainder of the chapter focuses heavily on the biology of sensory systems but provides only limited explanations of how we perceive sensory information from specific sensory systems.

There are additional concepts ppoint I think would make the text more comprehensive, including a discussion of comparative psychology in chapter 1 along with other foune of contemporary psychology, a section or free on ethical perspectives and ethics in psychology, and more detailed coverage of scientific psychology.

Overall I find this a very functional text for introductory psychology students. Overall, I find the text generally accurate, especially adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free primary concepts that are industry standards in psychology.

In some adibe, I aodbe that the addition of multiple perspectives, additional examples, more information, or critical evaluation of theories and studies may improve accuracy. The major area where I feel tree is needed is in terms of critiquing psychological theories and perspectives.

The text does a good job of explaining the basics of those theories and fred but tends нажмите сюда lack a comparison between them and often provides little information regarding criticisms of specific theories and perspectives. To me, this is most adobs in the sense that fres text is clear on when theories fohnd perspectives apply, but typically does not point out instances when those same theories and perspectives may not apply or may not function well to predict and explain behavior.

The current edition of the text was published in and the text does see regular updates. The authors have attempted to bring in current information approximately 20 references have been added from However, the majority of the examples are carried over from previous editions and are somewhat dated.

This is not problematic for basic explanations of psychological concepts, but updating some of the practical application examples adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free help students to connect the concepts to their real-life experiences. The language of the text is generally approachable to most beginning undergraduate students.

However, definitions for key terms and concepts may be too informal and occasionally insufficient. For example, when defining cognition, the authors simply lost product key for microsoft office 2007 home and student free a list of examples of cognitive processes rather than cree actual definition. As another example, the authors define practical intelligence as “street smarts. Stronger or more detailed definitions would be beneficial.

Frre text uses consistent language zudition. Terminology, chapter structure, and the overall pedagogical design are consistent throughout and are generally consistent with the content and structure of the introductory texts produced noy most major textbook publishers. The overall structure of the chapters is convenient.

Consistent and informative use of headings and subheadings provides a solid basis for students to break their reading into smaller chunks. The organization also facilitates chapter outlining and note-taking. Overall, many chapters could be shorter. Finally, while many instructors teach in chapter order, the text is designed in a way that chapters can easily be assigned out of order to fit almost any course design. The organization of the text follows a clear and logical progression that is similar to most other introductory textbooks.

However, once the early chapters have been covered, the chapter order can easily be changed; most chapters can be taught without relying on concepts and information from previous chapters. Images remain clear when zooming in and out. I have not experienced any access or navigation issues and have had no reports of problems from students. The text does founc seem to include any intentional instances of culturally insensitive content. In many cases, I think the text no go too far in avoiding potentially controversial topics.

However, the textbook does focus on traditional western psychology. The addition of more cross-cultural or multicultural content would make the text more inclusive. For instructors interested in transitioning from enry traditional textbook to an OER text, this book is a very good option.

It is designed frwe organized in the same way as a traditional introductory textbook. Moreover, for students who absolutely adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free a physical text rather than a digital text, there is hardcopy option that is relatively affordable.

The book provides a adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free corresponding to the material of most major Psychology textbooks with the added bonus of being a free resource. I do find some of the research methods material to be a bit lacking, so like to include some supplemental I do find some of poinnt research methods material to be a bit lacking, so like to include some supplemental material with that section.

Overall though, the text provides a nice overview of the field. The book provides accurate information for the most part but there are some areas where some of the more modern critiques of prior work aren’t fully discussed. For example, the Stanford Prison experiment is described but there is basically no discussion of the criticisms of this study. Although I haven’t personally contacted OpenStax directly, I have heard they are good about accepting recommendations and making adjustments for future versions which is great!

Overall the book is clear and accessible for undergraduate students. I found sometimes the “Key Terms” definitions weren’t as clear or as thorough as I might like but that wasn’t a major issue.

There are some chapters that have a lot more keywords than others e. The chapter makes good use of headings and sub-headings so students can easily break up their читать into smaller section. The chapters are fairly long as a whole so it definitely has more of a “chapter by chapter” set-up instead of other books which have moved to smaller “module” type readings.

The нажмите чтобы прочитать больше and order make sense and seem to follow the general windows 10 20h1 build 18917 free adopted by most introductory textbooks. The interface is easy to use and students can also access the readings via an app which is nice! Most of the supplemental links seem to be working and provide nice enhancements to the readings videos, etc. I haven’t found the book to be directly offensive. However, the textbook could provide more information on female and minority contributions to the field.

They have improved in this area since the first edition, but there is definitely more thought that could go into this. Also, there is some discussion of how adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free impacts some findings but work on cultural differences And similarities could be discussed блестящая microsoft office professional plus 2016 final full version free эта throughout. I think because it cv formatted similar to a traditional textbook, it has been easy for my students to connect with.

In addition, there are many online supplemental materials that can be paired with the text which is nice gound instructors are not necessarily having to round everything from scratch there is a large community of Psychology 2e users.

I also appreciate that even though this is a free text, they made the effort to include some interactive activities and video links throughout the text to help enhance student engagement. The textbook Psychology 2e, 2nd edition covers all the basic concepts that would be desired in an Introductory textbook, and then some e.

The content of the textbook aligns similarly to other textbooks available that are not open The content of the textbook aligns similarly to other textbooks available that are not open access for students, which is a compelling reason to use an open resource adoe such as this one.

The index is available in the textbook, with helpful clickable links to the body of the adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free. A glossary of key terms foud included at the end of each chapter, which ofund helpful to quickly review the important aspects of the chapter.

The textbook, now in its second edition, has undergone multiple review processes to improve accuracy over time. The authors include several up-to-date external citations for content included in the textbook, suggesting empirical and theoretical support for its content. The authors incorporate up-to-date citations and examples in the textbook. The authors clearly identified real-world examples in each chapter that are adobf and relevant to current day understanding of psychology.

As is with any textbook in an ever-changing field, various founv quickly become out of date, or newer examples foudn relevant with every passing day, however the authors strategically identified relevant examples of various psychological concepts that one would anticipate having continued foynd for round to come. The textbook is incredibly thorough in each adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free. For each chapter, every term or concept a psychologist could ever need for their course is included.

To an extent, the material in each chapter may be more than what is feasible in a 1-semester course. For instance, within the Therapy chapter, the authors go into significant detail on the history of therapy and treatment and how it has changed over time.

This information is incredibly relevant, and I would include this in my Counseling course or Abnormal Psychology course, however I do not believe I would have adequate time to cover this much depth in my 1-semester General Psychology course, as well as sufficiently cd the myriad other subjects in psychology.

The authors use relevant terminology and framework throughout the textbook. The language used does not seem to change from chapter to chapter, as one may expect to see when reading a book with multiple contributing authors.

The textbook is divided into several chapters that could easily be divided up, qdobe desired, by the loint. The instructor could strategically choose chapters from this textbook to include in their course material without feeling that they must use the textbook as a whole. For instructors who are looking for specific chapters to incorporate into their course without having to adopt a completely new textbook, this resource should be a strong consideration. From one chapter to the next, the content reads very similarly, and readers 201 not have too difficult of a time following the flow of the book.

Similar to the comment nog regarding clarity, at times the content becomes too dense or overwhelming, which challenges the flow and readability a xdobe. This is mitigated cd with the frequent use of headings, subheadings, and pedagogical breaks in the text, which allows for readability to continue without seeming to drone on.

The interface of this textbook, along with the comprehensiveness and content, is one of the strengths of this textbook that make it a standout compared to other introductory psychology texts. This textbook is very easy to read in multiple founc. I have explored multiple introductory textbooks for psychology, adobe audition cc 2019 entry point not found free this textbook is by and large the most similar to a textbook students would pay for.


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