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There is no way to prevent a disaster like that. It will happen, eventually. If you have already have a Synology NAS, you can backup your entire computer to it not just files! It is complete, automatic and always up to date , efficient, does not slow down your computer, keeps your NAS healthy — and most importantly, you will be able to restore your files, and your programs, when you need them. Buy Now. Why FullBack?

Why backup to Synology? Here is how to set it up: Download and run FullBack Pro you can get a free trial of the backup software here. Everything is automatic from now on. Also, you can turn to Windows built-in tool File History, which gives you a choice to backup specific folders in Windows 10 via Add Folder features. Here are two ways for you.

The second one is to make use of Windows backup utility. Personally, I prefer the third-party tool. With a wizard-like interface, all the steps are much easier. And it provides you multiple backup solutions and smaller features, such as Disk Backup, Partition Backup, File Backup, daily backup, weekly backup, etc. There are two ways to realize: Use the backup program coming with Windows 10 – Backup and Restore Windows 7. Regardless, it’s best to back up everything on your PC.

He’s been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at RichEdmonds. US Edition. Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Rich Edmonds. Topics Windows 10 Help. See all comments 2. Windows 10 has inherited the Backup and Restore tool from Windows 7.

Follow the guidance below to run Windows 10 backup to Synology NAS by creating a custom backup using this tool:. Select Backup and Restore Windows 7 from the search results. Type username and password and click OK. Select Let Windows choose recommended so that Windows will select the files to be backed up for you. Click Next to continue. Besides creating a custom backup, you can use the “Create a system image” feature in the built-in backup tool.

Go to Backup and Restore Windows 7 and select Create a system image from the left pane. In the next window, click On a network location and then the Select button.

Click OK. Then click Next.



Backup windows 10 pc to synology nas free download.Download Center

Plus photobooth support. Thank you for signing up to Windows Central. You can save all your data backups and manage them on one NAS device. Windows 10 should now start backing up to the Synology NAS. In the Folder box, input the path of the network folder you want to map. Download Synology Cloud Sync and launch it.❿

Backup windows 10 pc to synology nas free download.2 Ways | Backup Windows 10 PC to Synology NAS Safely


Some of our customers used to deploy NAS servers with a internet-capable sync feature before switching to BackupChain. What was the problem? It would skip files, stop in the middle and leave out folder structures. To make things worse, there was no log or notification mechanism.

The developers of that NAS apparently wrote the software as if digital systems never ever fail, as if connection links never break, the file system never corrupts, and hard disk sectors never go bad. One day when their main NAS broke they discovered the hard way that their backup NAS was not up-to-date for a very long time.

When you are dealing with important information, it makes sense to rely on time-tested, server-grade software solutions that actually work reliably under all reasonably to be expected circumstances. You will want your tools to provide a log and various notification features, so that the IT administrators will be alerted in the case of malfunction. In addition, when you back up a server on Windows, our backup solution uses a mechanism that provides a consistent view of the entire storage at a specific point in time.

Imagine a folder structure with millions of files and folders. The NAS sync process might take hours to process it. In the meantime, users may change, delete, rename, and add files as they wish. The folder structure on the backup NAS ends up being inconsistent.

Even if NAS sync features were reliable, without the consistency feature the NAS sync features are worthless for critical business data and therefore not recommended. The short answer is: reliability, flexibility, Windows compatibility, and consistent backups are difficult to achieve with most NAS servers. A major selling point for low-end NAS devices is their simplicity. For a home environment and very small teams in a small organization where cost is the most important factor in the purchase decision, this all makes perfect sense.

We strongly recommend a Windows Storage Server based NAS or using an actual Windows Server as your file server, and there are many good reasons for our recommendation. For example, Windows Server is the Microsoft recommended environment for file sharing within organizations of all sizes. Active Directory allows for a centralized management of permissions and NTFS is used throughout to ensure files can be safely moved within the network without losing critical information, such as access permissions.

For example, NTFS restricts and allows different types of file names, characters in file paths, and total path lengths, than the operating systems used inside most NAS servers. This means, sooner or later your team will end up having difficulties copying files into the NAS due to the file name or path length, or due to misrepresentation of ACLs.

Windows Server, on the other hand, is an operating system built to offer robust file shares to thousands of concurrent users; hence, the hardware that it runs on is also better equipped than a typical NAS server. Windows Server can provide a consistent view of the file system so that the entire folder contents can be backed up consistently.

This means that no matter how many files and folders are changed while a backup is running, the backup itself will always reflect the point in time when the backup commenced. This feature is crucial for good backups. However, many applications I installed before is gone, which makes me spend a lot of time to reinstall.

Whether your computer is corrupted or crashed, the backup image will not be affected and lay there safe and sound. As long as the network is connected properly, you can access the image and use it to restore your computer, even if the computer does not start.

Besides, with the data increasing, the free space of my hard disk is reduced. Step 1. Step 2. Rename the ” Task Name ” if need be here is System Backup 1. Step 3. Then click ” OK “. Step 4. You can go to Synology and check if there is a system image. The only difference is that you should choose Disk Backup instead of System Backup. Input backup and restore in the search box and select it from the result list. Click Save on a network and then input the Synology server name or IP address and name of the shared folder , user name , password in the next window.

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