How to Download Videos from Reddit on PC/iPhone/Android? – How to Lower Disk Usage Effectively (14 Ways)

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Windows 10 100 disk usage reddit free download.12 Tips for 100% Disk Usage on Windows 10 Task Manager (2021) [Partition Magic]

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But if you do nothing after powering on, it will still take up high percentage of the disk. Step 1. Step 6. Select the Disable from the drop-down menu of Startup type. The HomeGroup services also affect the feature of the hard drive and the running speed of the system. So disable them. Step 2. Step 3. Virtual memory can be considered as being an extension of the physical memory. Step 4. Click the Settings under the Performance item and open the Performance Options.

In some cases, the disk usage will become lower very soon. If so, your computer is working normally. There are many things you can do to reduce disk usage on your Windows 11 computer. The first thing you can try is very simple: you can restart your computer and check if the disk usage drops to a normal level. In this part, you can find many useful methods. Superfetch is a process that can preload data for commonly used apps on your device.

This can optimize your computer experience. If you want to fix Windows 11 high disk usage issue, you can disable Superfetch to have a try. The Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service runs under svchost. Fortunately, you can disable it to solve the issue. Step 2: Type services. Step 3: Scroll down to find Connected User Experiences and Telemetry and double-click it to open its Properties interface.

Step 4: Expand the option next to Startup type and select Disabled. The Search feature on Windows can help you easily find the files, folders, apps, and webpages you are looking for on your device. This feature is enabled by default on your device. So use some professional driver update utilities, for example, Driver Talent , to fix the high disk usage problem.

All the drivers are safe and well tested. Download Now. Though drives defragment and optimization is helpful to improve disk performance, it is not necessary to optimize the drives in schedule. If this article is helpful to you, add it to your bookmarks. Tags: cpu usage, disk usage,.

Driver Talent. Disable the Superfetch Service This service is built to improve PC performance by speeding up the startup of programs and pre-loading the apps you often use into memory. Select the Computer Management. Expand Services and Applications in the left column. Click the Services. Reddit is one of the best platforms for registered users to discuss any niche, including photos, videos, links, and text-based content.

Some users want to download videos from Reddit. But like most social media sites, Reddit doesn’t allow you to just right-click and save the video. To download Reddit videos, you need to use some additional tools. This part is about downloading videoes from Reddit on PC. In some cases, you might see just one process that is causing the high disk usage, but in other instances, the process that is causing the spike may change.

Try to avoid doing anything listed below:. If you have never performed a clean boot, now is the time to learn. A clean boot basically loads Windows with the fewest drivers and startup programs. A clean boot will help you determine whether the issue is being caused by Windows itself or by a third-party program installed on Windows. Microsoft has a great article on how to perform a clean boot. I recommend trying it because is usually fixes a lot of other issues too.

Just set aside a few hours on a weekend to get it done. If you find that everything loads fine on a clean boot, then slowly enable each startup program one by one until you determine which program is causing the slowdown.



Fix: Windows 11 High Disk Usage | % Disk Usage on Windows 11 – Helpful resources


Same problem here and tried all the same solutions On a side note, when I check my update history, it now says “No updates have been installed yet”. What the hell is going on? Any ideas why? Since the last windows Update system service has been using more hdd than before, these steps can help you reduce it. Temp fix via Command prompt right click start button choose command prompt admin type wpr-cancel and press enter. I just spent hours trying every fix on the net and this is the one that worked!!

Thank you so much. My poor SSD :. I did implement a task, that is started with delay. I have the same problem but I’m a bit computer illiterate, what do you mean by ‘WPR -cancel’? A black window should be visible now. Type in “WPR -cancel” without quotes, Enter – done. Tried this process twice in Admin mode, and many other fix attempts. This is on a USB reinstall of windows. Thanks, I thought I was the only one with this issue, and i had tried everything else, even reinstalling Windows.

Hopefully they release another update to fix this soon. Thank you for this! I was freaking out. I also noticed the same problem on my system a few hours ago also after the latest Win update from Sat and tried rebooting but still wouldn’t clear, finally ran the resource monitor and it was the exact same problem noted in this thread so I also did the WPR -cancel and it worked.

Once again thanks for the help. I hope the next Win update fixes this. You deserve 10 quadrillion karma. I love you dude. The second option Edit2 worked just fine here, my disk is back to normal. I wonder how microsoft makes such a mess and dindt fix it so far. WPR -cancel no longer works for me, getting the No trace profile message. Hey quick question, how do you enable it again from the command line? Also can confirm that this fix worked for me.

I’m the sort of person who has the Task Manager always open on the performance graphs on my second monitor so I can also say that this problem started today, seemingly just after the latest Windows Update KB Hello there. It appears you have been shadowbanned. Since your post is not against reddit’s rules i. I also always have Task Manager open and can also confirm that it is the latest update that has caused this. Works good, seems like their ‘Telemetry’ shit making that disk usage.

Old methods for disabling that in Task Scheduler, doesn’t work! I’ve messed with the paging files. I’ve reinstalled Windows 10 from USB. I’ve run chkdsk. Literally nothing has worked. Did all of these without success. WPR -cancel used to work, but now I get the no trace profiles message. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community.

Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. I can run games at max performance without a problem. The problem seems unique because ive looked everywhere online for help, I have tried disabling SysMain and Windows search, that does help.

Its hard to detect what the problem is because i can only look for the issue and try to resolve it when im downloading or updating, but this is hard seeing as the disk usage causes my pc to run terribly slow. Also like i said, any online games run perfectly. Ive already updated all my windows updates, and used easydriver to update all the drivers.

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Disable Windows Search Full steps 6. Disable Superfetch Service Full steps. Check disk for errors Full steps 8. Update your system Full steps 9. Reset virtual memory Full steps Perform a clean boot Change settings in Google Chrome Update your Skype settings Uninstall Flash Player updates Upgrade a failing hard disk Anytime when you experience a slow response time on a computer, you shall look into the Task Manager to find out what task is draining the resource at the moment.

Are they Apps or background processes? If find any, directly click “End task”. Sometimes the task manager cannot identify which process is the real culprit of eating up the disk usage, in this case, try to restart your computer for the first attempt which can resolve all kinds of issues. You shall use “Restart”, which removes the old windows state and starts your system in a fresh look, instead of “Shut down”. If yes, that’s not a big deal and the reason behind is not that important as well.

Otherwise, you should take further measures to restore your computer disk usage to a normal state. Malicious software or computer viruses could do damage to your computer data, system performance and most of all, drain computer resources. The bad thing is that malware is usually invisible to our eyes, we have to dig it out by using professional antivirus software. Thus, scan your PC right away to find out what is attacking your system.

You can make full use of Windows Defender if you didn’t install any third-party program. Instead of using the antivirus software to check for malware infection, this time try to close your main antivirus software. As Microsoft support investigated, many third-party antivirus programs are set to protect the computer without a break. They work 24 hours a day to scan the hard disk to resist the potential damage from unknown sources, which at the same time, taking up high disk usage.

If turning off the antivirus software helps restore the disk status, you might contact the vendor to report the issue, and let them give you a compromised solution to how to safeguard your computer while not causing the high disk usage problem.

In fact, Windows Defender is running in the background when your main antivirus program is not working. For average computer users, they don’t even notice the existence of the inbuilt program that helps resist malware threats but increases the risk of disk usage being high.

What’s more, Windows Defender can work in conflict with your main antivirus program, making the disk usage max out. If the high disk usage problem arises from a search loop in Windows 10, you can try to disable the Windows Search function specifically.


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Windows 10 is pretty heavy in disk activity for a good while now. I remember replacing my HDD for an SSD back in % HDD usage. I know it’s a Common problem. Only thing I can think of is the drive is dying. It makes my computer so slow.

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