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This is my complete guide on the Logic Pro X Drummer for Music Production. PS. Feel free to Bookmark this Page for future reference! =). In this tutorial Darren Burgos explores how to add more pattern variations and customize its MIDI data further. Using Logic X’s new Drummer tracks to build drum.

Logic Pro X Drummer Tutorial (Complete Guide) – Professional Composers.Logic Pro X Drummer Tutorial (Complete Guide) – Professional Composers


I do this because drummers often add a little fill or variation at the turn of every 4 bars. And also because of the added control I get with more regions. If you want even more control over the drummer track in a transition from one section to another in your track, you can simply cut a small extra region just before the transition point. For example 1 bar, or even half a bar if you want to be really precise.

Then you can dial down the fills knob on the region just before, and increase it on the short transition drummer region. POWER TIP : Since transitions are so incredibly important in music you might even want to convert the short transition region on the drummer track to customize the beat exactly as you want it. You also have independent control over the parts of the drum kit used, per region.

You have a clear visual representation of the drum parts used from the specific drum kit. Take advantage of this for adding even more variation between your regions.

You can use the Fills knob, and dial in the strength and complexity of all the fills, the Drummer adds to a selected region. The main fill will always be focused to the end of a region, but the Drummer can also add for example a cymbal crash in the start of a region, and some small extra details in the middle depending on the setting of this Fills knob. Full swing will be a triplet groove. But you can dial in how much the drummer will swing the beat with this dial. Both the Fills knob and the Swing knob can also be locked, so that you can try out different beat presets without these dials changing.

You can shape and polish the performance with the details button, which has different features depending on the drummer style. And for the electronic kits you can control the complexity range per drum part, as well as the humanize level and phrase variation. You can lock your settings so that you can change the drummer, while still maintaining the performance you already created and shaped.

You can even lock the drum kit, so that it will remain, even when changing to a completely different style of drummer. For example, having a rock drum kit played by a hip hop or EDM drummer.

The drummer in Logic is truly remarkable, because even with the same settings on all features you can get a slightly different performance due to some randomizations in the algorithm.

Every time you do this, you will get a tiny variation to the performance. Now you can go in and adjust each drum hit individually. Add or delete notes, control the timing, velocity and so on. For example: Create a new track below the drummer and assign another drum plugin and kit. Then you can mute the drummer track completely, and the new drum plugin that you dragged the alias region to, will still play the performance based on the drummer region. When checking this checkbox, you can choose which track inside your project the drummer will be influenced by, when creating its performance.

However, it is not always working as expected, so you might want to double check. Also, if you change the track it follows, you need to refresh the drummer region, to make it update its performance accordingly. Now, as with almost anything inside the drummer track, this feature is also region based. So you can have one drummer region be influenced by your bass track, and the next region by perhaps an ostinato strings track. One of my personal favorite ways of using the drummer in Logic Pro X, is not to create complete drum performances.

For example: I can use the drummer for adding fills to my epic cinematic toms. Or spicing up the high-end with stick hits on my Taikos, by using the hi-hat performance from the Drummer track, and so on. Basically: I choose the drum part s from the kit, to create the percussion performance from. Then I choose the drummer, the style, shape the performance, and then I drag and drop the created region to the track I want to use it on. Transitions and fills are so important in music, for adding that spark of change and anticipation, for something new that you will introduce in the next section of your track.

That is why I often use a 1 bar drummer region to help me get a starting point for a fill or transition, that I can then option-drag to one or several percussion tracks in my composition. Then I can go into each of the copied regions and make some customizations to fit my specific needs. But the point is that I get a great starting point, which cuts down the time dramatically.

You can click the lock to prevent any changes to the swing setting when switching presets or drummers. Drag the Feel knob to the right to have the drummer play ahead of the beat Push , or to the left to play behind the beat Pull. Drag the Ghost Notes knob to adjust the level of ghost notes—syncopated snare and kick hits—in the beat.

Note: The presence of ghost notes depends on the chosen drummer and the complexity setting. Drag the Hi-Hat knob to adjust the degree to which the Hi-Hat is opened and closed during the drum performance. Note: This is relevant only if the Hi-Hat is selected in the drum kit representation. Any changes or selections you make in the Drummer Editor affect only the selected region, not the entire track.

Click the Drummer icon the drum kit at the top of the New Tracks dialog. Click Create. Choose a genre and drummer In the Logic Pro Library, click a genre. The available drummers for the selected genre appear to the right of the genres.

Select a drummer. Choose a different drummer preset Each drummer includes a variety of presets, which appear on the left side of the Drummer Editor. In the Logic Pro Drummer Editor, click a preset. A preset consists of a number of region settings, visible to the right of the presets area. Play the selected Drummer region using the current preset In Logic Pro, click the Play button in the ruler at the top of the Drummer Editor. Choose a pattern variation for a drum or percussion instrument In the Logic Pro Drummer Editor, do any of the following: For Tambourine, Shaker, and Handclap: Click an instrument, then drag the Percussion slider or choose an increment.

Click a drum. The Exchange panel opens to the left if exchange pieces are available for that kit piece. Click the Info button of a selected kit piece to view its description.


Logic pro x drummer tutorial free

For example, at the top of your drum group. You have a clear visual representation of the drum parts used from the specific drum kit. The drummer in Logic is truly remarkable, because even with the same settings on all features you can get a slightly different performance due to some randomizations in the algorithm.


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