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Premiere pro cinemagraph free. Adobe Premier

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Cinemagraphs are magical loops that combine a still image with a moving video component. When done well, they appear as mesmerizing seamless animations. Cinemagraphs are still motion pictures that merge both photography and video. Learn how to create these in premiere pro.

How to Make a Cinemagraph in Premiere Pro (or After Effects) | Pond5.


Cinemagraphs are magical loops or перейти that combine a still image with a moving video premiere pro cinemagraph free. Two of the most important things you need for making great cinemagraphs are a tripod or solid base for shooting and a solid or locked-down subject.

Also, large movements from the subjects can take away from the overall impact of the piece, so premiere pro cinemagraph free subtlety. Lock down your camera and start shooting your subject, being sure to get seconds of footage.

Your depth of field should be pretty shallow; these are cinema graphs, after all. Having your subject be the only thing in focus can also make it cinemagrpah to mask, as well.

That said, you can shoot with a deeper focus if you prefer. Cinemagraph of Hands Molding Clay by pressmaster. Make a new sequence with your footage, either by dragging premiee to the New Item button or by placing premiere pro cinemagraph free in a new created sequence. Duplicate the clip by holding the Option or Alt key and dragging the clip into a new track above, then put the current time indicator CTI at the frame you want to use as a still image which could be the very first frame.

Cut off any part of the clip before the frame premiere pro cinemagraph free, then extend it to match the bottom layer. Once your mask is drawn on your frozen layer, essentially creating a hole in the still image, the moving layer should play underneath.

You can also draw the mask and invert it, making everything outside the mask be in premiere pro cinemagraph free, instead. Set the sequence in and out points around these two clips at whatever total length you prefer more on this in a bitturn on the looping playback button in the program monitor and play it back premierd see how it turned out. If it looks good, proceed to exporting in your chosen format.

Add the video layer above the clean plate, duplicate it, and turn off the visibility on the uppermost layer. Mask out the stand on the middle layer and invert it. The clean plate will fill the hole created by the mask! Next, create frame holds on both of these layers to make them still frames, and turn the visibility on the top layer back on, making it the moving layer. Create a mask on this layer around your movement, just like before, and invert prl mask if necessary.

If it needs a little more work at the edit point, you can ease the transition with a dissolve. Cut the clip somewhere in the middle, then swap the sections on the timeline. There will now be a jump cut in the middle of the clip, but the loop from the end to the beginning will be perfect.

Set a cross dissolve over the premiere pro cinemagraph free cut in the middle, or use the morph cut effect for even better results. Start by matching your export settings to your final usage. But if you want it to loop infinitely and be a more web-friendly size, you can make an premiere pro cinemagraph free GIF using Premiere or Media Fgee. It will now loop infinitely. If you want some more control over the GIF settings, however, you can always change them to match your preferences or even add a watermark.

To start, import your footage, create a new composition with it, and duplicate the footage layer. Move to the frame you want to use for the still image. Trim everything in front of the frozen frame on both layers, then create your mask and invert if necessary. The biggest difference with After Effects is project 2016 show holidays on gantt you have to have each clip or clip section on a separate layer, so dissolving works differently.

Overlap the end of the top moving layer above the second moving layer and the clip will be faded automatically over the duration of the overlap, creating a nice transition. The more you overlap, the cine,agraph gradual the transition.

Making cinemagraphs is surprisingly easy, and you can have oremiere lot of premiere pro cinemagraph free when setting up shots that are not only entertaining to watch, but have the potential to show off your creativity. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our curated collection of Cinemagraphs on Pond5 :. Sign up! Get more tips, free clips, and exclusive savings delivered to your inbox. You have been successfully subscribed.


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Two of the most important things you need for making great cinemagraphs are a tripod or solid base for shooting and a solid or locked-down subject. How To Make Cinemagraphs.


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