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You get a list of filenames back in an email. One of the best course I’ve purchased. You can use and install the official version of the software for free using one of the links mentioned above. Select by filename list. Luminosity Masks Yes, you capture one 12 problems free that right.


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I do not recommend this capture card and I’m sorry to have to report it. Friends suggested the Ripsaw HD, which isn’t the cheapest p device on the market, but it was easy to set up. The price point makes sense. Also, check Amazon Warehouse for deals on customer returns!

A very simple signal path and an uncluttered Scene — it worked great. Looking forward to digging out other HDMI consoles and having a go.

One person found this helpful. Beyond dope. I managed to get it into Zoom through vMix so that I could use my camera as a primary input. My thoughts Pros: – Very small, lightweight and high-quality construction – Extremely simple self-installation for almost instant usability in software like OBS, Zoom, vMix etc.

As someone who used the Razer Ripsaw V1 a lot, I noticed a large difference in the models. The V2 has better framerate capture as well as better overall resolution potential up to 4K. However, Razer Ripsaw V2 only allows HDMI input, which means if you’re attempting to record an older format such as Composite or Component, you will need some sort of adapter.

The ports on the front Mic In, and Headset Out do not prove to be that useful. However, it is better to have the option than not have the option. The USB-C cable is very high quality and is of medium length such that it could stretch across your desk, but not reach underneath it easily.

I purchased this so that I could do some streaming with my Nintendo Switch. I already use other products to stream from my other gaming consoles but since my Switch is not close to my other ones space issues I wanted something that I could use with my laptop and this device is quite small but packs a powerful set of features in a small space. I like that it’s easier to use than the other product that I use and would probably replace with one of these except it is an internal device in my computer.

See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. Support is Worthless. Do you like to get the run-around? How about forwarding already available links and being ignored? How about wasting your money and not being able to get answers? I sent them a very detailed description of my issue and they send me a Youtube link that has nothing to do with my issue.

I reply back and inform them that this is not related to my issue and asked if they had time to review the information I provided, they reply back that they need my Amazon invoice even if I had provided them my serial number. Support is Worthless Reviewed in Canada on February 8, I have bug on ps4 for some reason where I hear faint ticks in the audio, it’s hard to notice when you’re playing a game but it’s a little annoying when you’re in menus. Report abuse.

Translate review to English. As much as I love Razer and there Products. I have to give it to them, they made something so easy to use and simple that anyone and their 2yr old kid can get the hang of it! I have done a lot of research on Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. And fixed the problem for sure as soon as I had figured it out. Otherwise no other problems with this product and yet again Razer has out done it again. Keep it up Razer! Great capture card, I use it with the Xbox series x on a 4K UHD Samsung tv, and a ryZen laptop with Obs software no issues works great very happy upgraded from the live gamer plus.

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French mother tong and proficient in english for business we are the one skilled solution at This event is unique in our department. Unlike storage in oil fields or coal beds, no side product offsets the storage cost. Trapping mechanisms such as structural trapping, residual trapping, solubility trapping and mineral trapping may immobilize the CO 2 underground and reduce leakage risks.

CO 2 is occasionally injected into an oil field as an enhanced oil recovery technique, [50] but because CO 2 is released when the oil is burned, [51] it is not carbon neutral. CO 2 can be physically supplied to algae or bacteria that could degrade the CO 2. It would ultimately be ideal to exploit CO 2 metabolizing bacterium Clostridium thermocellum. CO 2 can exothermically react with metal oxides, which in turn produce stable carbonates e.

This process CO 2 -to-stone occurs naturally over periods of years and is responsible for much surface limestone. Olivine is one such MOX. Ultramafic mine tailings are a readily available source of fine-grained metal oxides that can serve this purpose.

Cost is a significant factor affecting CCS. The cost of CCS, plus any subsidies, must be less than the expected cost of emitting CO 2 for a project to be considered economically favorable. CCS technology is expected to use between 10 and 40 percent of the energy produced by a power station. Constructing CCS units is capital intensive. Other applications are possible. CCS trials for coal-fired plants in the early 21st century were economically unviable in most countries, [64] including China, [65] in part because revenue from enhanced oil recovery collapsed with the oil price collapse.

Possible business models for industrial carbon capture include: [7]. Governments have provided various types of funding for CCS demonstration projects, including tax credits, allocations and grants.

CO 2 can be captured with alkaline solvents at low temperatures in the absorber and released CO 2 at higher temperatures in a desorber. Chilled ammonia CCS plants emit ammonia. Alternative amines with little to no vapor pressure can avoid these emissions. Plants equipped with selective catalytic reduction systems for nitrogen oxides produced during combustion [77] require proportionally greater amounts of ammonia.

A study concluded that half as much CCS might be installed in coal-fired plants as in gas-fired: these would be mainly in China and India. Plants equipped with flue-gas desulfurization FGD systems for sulfur dioxide control require proportionally greater amounts of limestone , and systems equipped with selective catalytic reduction systems for nitrogen oxides produced during combustion require proportionally greater amounts of ammonia.

IPCC estimates that leakage risks at properly managed sites are comparable to those associated with current hydrocarbon activity. It recommends that limits be set to the amount of leakage that can take place.

Mineral storage is not regarded as presenting any leakage risks. Norway’s Sleipner gas field is the oldest industrial scale retention project. An environmental assessment conducted after ten years of operation concluded that geosequestration was the most definite form of permanent geological storage method:. Available geological information shows absence of major tectonic events after the deposition of the Utsira formation [saline reservoir]. This implies that the geological environment is tectonically stable and a site suitable for CO 2 storage.

The solubility trapping [is] the most permanent and secure form of geological storage. In March StatoilHydro issued a study documenting the slow spread of CO 2 in the formation after more than 10 years operation. Gas leakage into the atmosphere may be detected via atmospheric gas monitoring, and can be quantified directly via eddy covariance flux measurements. Transmission pipelines may leak or rupture.

Pipelines can be fitted with remotely controlled valves that can limit the release quantity to one pipe section. For example, a severed 19″ pipeline section 8 km long could release its 1, tonnes in about 3—4 min. Large-scale releases present asphyxiation risk. In the Menzengraben mining accident , several thousand tonnes were released and asphyxiated a person meters away.

Monitoring allows leak detection with enough warning to minimize the amount lost, and to quantify the leak size. Monitoring can be done at both the surface and subsurface levels. One direct method involves drilling deep enough to collect a sample. This drilling can be expensive due to the rock’s physical properties. It also provides data only at a specific location. One indirect method sends sound or electromagnetic waves into the reservoir which reflects back for interpretation.

This approach provides data over a much larger region; although with less precision. Both direct and indirect monitoring can be done intermittently or continuously. Seismic monitoring is a type of indirect monitoring. It is done by creating seismic waves either at the surface using a seismic vibrator , or inside a well using a spinning eccentric mass. These waves propagate through geological layers and reflect back, creating patterns that are recorded by seismic sensors placed on the surface or in boreholes.

Organic chemical tracers, using no radioactive nor Cadmium components, can be used during the injection phase in a CCS project where CO 2 is injected into an existing oil or gas field, either for EOR, pressure support or storage. Tracers and methodologies are compatible with CO 2 — and at the same time unique and distinguishable from the CO 2 itself or other molecules present in the sub-surface. Using laboratory methodology with an extreme detectability for tracer, regular samples at the producing wells will detect if injected CO 2 has migrated from the injection point to the producing well.

Therefore, a small tracer amount is sufficient to monitor large scale subsurface flow patterns. For this reason, tracer methodology is well-suited to monitor the state and possible movements of CO 2 in CCS projects. Tracers can therefore be an aid in CCS projects by acting as an assurance that CO 2 is contained in the desired location sub-surface. In the past, this technology has been used to monitor and study movements in CCS projects in Algeria Mathieson et al.

Eddy covariance is a surface monitoring technique that measures the flux of CO 2 from the ground’s surface. It involves measuring CO 2 concentrations as well as vertical wind velocities using an anemometer. Eddy covariance towers could potentially detect leaks, after accounting for the natural carbon cycle, such as photosynthesis and plant respiration.

An example of eddy covariance techniques is the Shallow Release test. These chambers are sealed to the ground with an inlet and outlet flow stream connected to a gas analyzer. Monitoring a large site would require a network of chambers. InSAR monitoring involves a satellite sending signals down to the Earth’s surface where it is reflected back to the satellite’s receiver.

The satellite is thereby able to measure the distance to that point. These layers affect layers above and below them, change the surface landscape. In areas of stored CO 2 , the ground’s surface often rises due to the high pressures. These changes correspond to a measurable change in the distance from the satellite. Carbon capture and utilization CCU is the process of capturing carbon dioxide C O 2 to be recycled for further usage.

Instead, CCU aims to convert the captured carbon dioxide into more valuable substances or products; such as plastics, concrete or biofuel ; while retaining the carbon neutrality of the production processes.

Captured CO 2 can be converted to several products: one group being alcohols , such as methanol, to use as biofuels and other alternative and renewable sources of energy. Other commercial products include plastics, concrete and reactants for various chemical synthesis.

Although CCU does not result in a net carbon positive to the atmosphere, there are several important considerations to be taken into account. Because CO 2 is a thermodynamically stable form of carbon manufacturing products from it is energy intensive. Considering the different potential options for capture and utilization, research suggests that those involving chemicals, fuels and microalgae have limited potential for CO 2 removal, while those that involve construction materials and agricultural use can be more effective.

Multiple studies indicate that risk and benefit perception are the most essential components of social acceptance. Risk perception is mostly related to the concerns on its safety issues in terms of hazards from its operations and the possibility of CO 2 leakage which may endanger communities, commodities, and the environment in the vicinity of the infrastructure.

People who are already affected by climate change, such as drought, [] tend to be more supportive of CCS. Locally, communities are sensitive to economic factors, including job creation, tourism or related investment.

Experience is another relevant feature. The opposite is possible. Very large and powerful industries e. Regulatory capture has an economic basis: vested interests in an industry have the greatest financial stake in regulations affecting them, and so are more likely to try to influence the regulator than relatively dispersed individual consumers, [4] each with little incentive.

When regulators form expert bodies to examine policy, these invariably feature current or former industry members, or at the very least, individuals with lives and contacts in the industry. Capture is also facilitated where consumers or taxpayers have a poorer understanding than businesses of underlying issues. Jon Hanson and his co-authors argue that the phenomenon extends beyond political agencies and organizations. Businesses have an incentive to control anything that has power over them, including the media, academia and popular culture, and will try to capture them too.

This is called “deep capture”. Regulatory public interest is based on market failure and welfare economics. It holds that regulation is the response of the government to public needs. Its purpose is to make up for market failures, improve the efficiency of resource allocation, and maximize social welfare. Posner pointed out that the public interest theory contains the assumption that the market is fragile, and that if left unchecked, it will tend to be unfair and inefficient, and government regulation is a costless and effective way to meet the needs of social justice and efficiency.

Mimik believes that government regulation is a public administration policy that focuses on private behavior. It is a rule drawn from the public interest. Irving and Brouhingan saw regulation as a way of obeying public needs and weakening the risk of market operations. They also expressed the view that regulation reflects the public interest. The review of the United States’ history of regulation at the end of the 19th century, [ clarification needed ] especially the regulation of railway tariffs by the Interstate Commerce Commission ICC in , revealed that regulations and market failures are not co-relevant.

At least until the s, regulation was developed in the direction of favoring producers, and regulation increased the profits of manufacturers within the industry. In potentially competitive industries such as trucking and taxis, regulations allow higher prices and prevent entrants. In monopoly industries such as electric power generation, there is evidence that regulation has little effect on prices, so the industry can earn excess profits.

Evidence shows that regulation is beneficial to producers. These observations led to the emergence and development of regulatory capture theory. Contrary to regulatory public interest theory, this holds that the provision of regulation adapts to the industry’s needs, that is, both the legislator and regulator are controlled and captured by the industry. The basic view of the theory is that the regulator gets captured no matter how the regulatory scheme is designed. The implication is that regulation increases the industry’s profits rather than the social welfare.

This was essentially a purely capture theory in the early days, that is, the regulators and legislators were captured and controlled by the industry. Later regulatory models, such as those by Stigler, Pelzmann, or Becker, follow the regulatory capture theory in the eyes of Posner and others.

All these models reflect that regulators and legislators are trying to maximize private, not public, interests. They use “private interest” theory to explain the origin and purpose of regulation. Aton argues that Stigler’s theoretical logic is clearer and more central than the previous “capture theory” hypothesis, but it is difficult to distinguish between the two. Regulatory capture theory has a specific meaning, that is, an experience statement that regulations are beneficial for producers in real life.

So it is essentially not a true regulatory theory. Although the analysis results are similar to the Stigler model, the methods are completely different. Stigler used standard economic analysis methods to analyze the regulation behavior, then created a new regulatory theory — regulatory economic theory.

Of course, different divisions depend on the criteria for division, and they essentially depend on the researchers’ different understanding of specific concepts. Justice Douglas’ dissent in Sierra Club v. Morton describes concern that regulators become too favorable with their regulated industries. There are two basic types of regulatory capture: [17] [18]. Another distinction can be made between capture retained by big firms and by small firms.

On 21 October , a tip containing spoil and tailings from Merthyr Vale Colliery slipped after a period of heavy rain, killing children and 28 adults in the Welsh village of Aberfan.

In contravention of the National Coal Board’s procedures, the tip was partly based on ground from which water springs were known to emerge. After three weeks of rain the tip became saturated and , cubic yards , m 3 of spoil and tailings slipped down the side of the hill, engulfing Pantglas Junior School and a row of houses. In Iain McLean, a professor of politics, and Martin Johnes, a research fellow in Welsh history, published a study of the Aberfan disaster.

They observed that Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Mines went largely unchallenged by the tribunal, although the two consider that the organisation failed in their duty, falling in line with the interests of the National Coal Board whose activities they were supposed to be overseeing. In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill , the Minerals Management Service MMS , which had regulatory responsibility for offshore oil drilling, was widely cited as an example of regulatory capture.

The three-stage reorganization, including the name change to BOEMRE, was part of a re-organization by Ken Salazar , [24] who was sworn into office as the new Secretary of the Interior on the same day the name change was announced. Patterson, a member of the Arizona House of Representatives , said “Salazar has a disturbingly weak conservation record, particularly on energy development, global warming, endangered wildlife and protecting scientific integrity.

It’s no surprise oil and gas, mining, agribusiness and other polluting industries that have dominated Interior are supporting rancher Salazar — he’s their friend”. MMS had allowed BP and dozens of other companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico without first attaining permits to assess threats to endangered species , as required by law. The agency seems to think its mission is to help the oil industry evade environmental laws”.

After the Deepwater accident occurred, Salazar said he would delay granting any further drilling permits. Three weeks later, at least five more permits had been issued by the minerals agency. Since the Federal Aviation Administration FAA charter was amended in , its sole focus has been the regulation of safety.

Department of Transportation found that FAA managers had allowed Southwest Airlines to fly 46 airplanes in and that were overdue for safety inspections, ignoring concerns raised by inspectors. Audits of other airlines resulted in two airlines grounding hundreds of planes, causing thousands of flight cancellations. Peters, contacted them. Boutris said he attempted to ground Southwest after finding cracks in the fuselage , but was prevented by supervisors he said were friendly with the airline.

James Oberstar , former chairman of the committee said its investigation uncovered a pattern of regulatory abuse and widespread regulatory lapses, allowing aircraft to be operated commercially although not in compliance with FAA safety rules. On July 22, , a bill was unanimously approved in the Democrat-controlled House to tighten regulations concerning airplane maintenance procedures, including the establishment of a whistleblower office and a two-year “cooling off” period that FAA inspectors or supervisors of inspectors must wait before they can work for those they regulated.

In a June article on regulatory capture, the FAA was cited as an example of “old-style” regulatory capture, “in which the airline industry openly dictates to its regulators its governing rules, arranging for not only beneficial regulation but placing key people to head these regulators”.

That the FAA was a victim of regulatory capture was one focus of a United States Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation and Space meeting held in the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight crash that followed a previous crash of a Lion Air flight and claimed lives.

The Boeing MAX platform that crashed had been subjected to only an “amended” airworthiness type certificate.


New features in Capture One 12 – Photo Editing Tutorials, Tips & Tricks – Capture One Blog – VIP classifieds


The Luma Range tool can be applied on any mask, even gradients like the above, and will effectively restrict your mask to certain areas based on the luminosity in your image. Well, have you ever wanted to desaturate your shadows a bit? Or apply color grading with more control than the Color Balance Tool can provide?

Or maybe add clarity to the clouds in your landscape image with a tricky horizon line? Luminosity masks make all of this a breeze. Watch the tutorial below to learn more. These shortcuts are customizable, letting you do most actions with a few clicks on the keyboard. Capture One 12 makes this much easier. This will provide a starting point with less contrast.

Bringing back the same contrast level if needed is a quick pull in the Contrast slider or some Levels adjustments. This Film Curve can be saved as a default option for your camera, which is applied when importing images going forward. Red, Green and Blue Channels: Will move the channels individually, affecting contrast and correcting for any color cast there might be present in shadows, midtones or highlights.

The Clipping Thresholds can also be set from the preferences, allowing control over the strength of the Auto Levels adjustments. You send a large number of images to a client for them to make a list of their picks.

You get a list of filenames back in an email. Select by filename list. With this workflow, selecting and managing any number of images from a filename list will take as little as 15 seconds. Capture One Pro 12 Torrent is the one program that will allow you to do just that. Now do not get too caught up in the features that are offered by this program. What you really need to look for is how easy it is to use. After all, you are going to be using this software every single day to get the most out of the pictures that you take.

Most of these programs will provide a lot of tutorials that are created by Adobe. These tutorials will help you learn the ins and outs of the program so that you will be able to take the most pictures possible without any problems. The software installer should not be modified. Because it may damage the software Product warranty And after-sales service If not installed Or stuck in installation problems Installation and editing services are provided via TeamViewer or AnyDesk remote via Internet access to edit free of charge.

Product Description Capture One Pro is an advanced digital image processing program that can edit, enhance, and organize your photos. This is a superb course. David is an excellent teacher. I’m coming to the end of it and have learnt so much.

I’ve been using the software for a year, self-learning as I went along. I had watched the odd David Grover video on YouTube, but never got much further in my understanding of the software. Capture One is brilliant software and to do it justice you need to learn it properly from an expert.

Highly recommend this course if you want to produce professional results.

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