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Windows 10 Game Mode: Is It Good or Bad? – How to switch between fullscreen and Window mode for games

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Microsoft initially created this mode to provide a balance between energy usage and performance for the devices that run Windows operating systems. You may have experienced some of the results of those settings; the screen goes dark after a specific amount of inactivity, the Power Options are set to Balanced, and so on. However, gamers need the computer to lean more heavily toward the performance side and less toward the energy- and resource-saving side.

In the past, this meant gamers had to learn how to access the Performance options hidden in the Control Panel or even tweak the computer hardware. When Game Mode is enabled, Windows 10 configures the appropriate settings automatically. These settings stop or restrict unwanted tasks and unnecessary processes from running in the background, such as anti-virus scans, hard drive defragging , updates to software, and so on.

Windows also configures the system so that the CPU and any graphical CPUs will prioritize gaming tasks, to keep necessary resources as free as possible. When you start a Microsoft game for Windows, the option to enable Game Mode appears toward the bottom of the screen. All white-listed Windows games trigger this feature. To enable Game Mode you simply agree to by placing a check the option in the prompt that appears.

The first time you start the Windows game the option to enable Game Mode will appear. This is a long-term goal; the Creators Update will contain the first iteration of Game Mode, but it shouldn’t be the last. What that first iteration actually does is still something of a mystery. Gammill refused to be drawn into specifics, but he said that it was something along the lines of suspending or deferring unnecessary background tasks and using process priorities and processor affinity to limit any performance impact of multitasking.

What will this all add up to? Turn on the toggle for Use Game Mode. To turn on Game Mode for your preferred game, follow these steps: Launch your game of choice. Click the Settings icon to the extreme right on the Game bar. In the dialog box that opens, check the box for Use Game Mode for this game. Gadgets Staff Email Staff. What this means is that when you launch a game, Game Mode is enabled by default.

Once enabled, Game Mode will kick in as soon as you launch a recognized game. If Microsoft releases an update in the future that allows you to individually enable Game Mode through a keyboard shortcut, it may have more use in games.

While Game Mode is a mostly-beneficial feature that can and does improve performance, some users have reported errors that only occurred with Game Mode enabled. Some Microsoft updates have temporarily caused Game Mode to have the opposite effect and resulted in lower frame rates, but those were repaired quickly.

You can set it to automatically record as much as 10 minutes. Be careful recording on an unplugged laptop, because the process will drain a battery quickly.

Scroll down the page to the Audio settings Figure D. For training videos, you will likely want the Windows Game Bar to activate the microphone automatically when you start recording. Unless you have a powerful computer that can handle the performance requirements of higher quality audio, the default settings should be adequate.

Scroll down, and you will see a final setting that is important for training videos—the setting that will screen capture mouse cursor movements. To get the full benefit of any instructional video, trainees will likely need to see where the mouse cursor moves.

When you are finished configuring the Windows 10 Game Bar, close out the Settings screen and use the keyboard shortcuts to start and stop recording. As you can see in Figure E , the Game Bar displays as an overlay of whatever application you are running Word in this image. To return the Windows 10 Game Bar to the background, just click anywhere the overlay is not. The app will reside in the background, ready to record whenever you call on it.

The Game Bar will work for any application, not just games. For more information about recording videos with Game Bar for business, check out How to use the Windows 10 Game Bar to record training videos.



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Jan 26,  · Once you enable the option, the operating system will dedicate system resources to prioritize the selected game and improve your gaming experience. Alternatively, you can enable Game Mode in Windows 10 using a Registry tweak. Open Registry Editor. Go to the following key. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\GameBar. Oct 01,  · Open the Settings menu by clicking the cogwheel icon in the Start Menu. Alternatively, you can simply type “Settings” into the Start menu to find it more easily. Select the Gaming section of the Author: Jez Corden. Jan 27,  · Windows 10 Game Mode is designed to improve performance when gaming, even for lower-end computers. If Microsoft releases an update in the future that allows you to individually enable Game Mode through a keyboard shortcut, it may have more use in games. 8 Best Apps to Download Movies for Free on Android (Updated ) Recent Articles.


How to activate and configure the Windows 10 Game Bar | TechRepublic.


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This method is handy when the game itself doesn’t provide window sizing options, as seen with some UWP games. It works with some Win32 games, but not all. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Windows Central Windows Central. Jez Corden opens in new tab opens in new tab.

Topics Windows 10 Help. See all comments 4. I avoid using keyboard shortcuts as much as possible–if I can’t do it with voice or a mouse, it’s usually not something I need. I can see how those two commands would help some folks. But, as a PC gamer, I can’t say that I’ve ever run into a situation where I need to accomplish either of those specific tasks. I have all games run full screen, always, and I all my games run on my primary monitor.

I’d like to add that in many applications, ALT-Enter also toggles between windowed and full screen. Yeah that works too haha. Windows Central Newsletter.

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