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Now, what if you still love to install Windows XP in ? In this guide, we will help you to get the Win XP product key for free. As we have mentioned above that Microsoft is not dealing with Windows XP and its product keys anymore. The best way is to Install with the universal free installation key given below. Windows XP required Ethernet drivers to connect the PC with the internet, Before going to install Ethernet drivers on your pc turn off Windows updates first. Doing this your system will not show activate windows pop-up and you can use Windows XP for free.

Instead of spending money on an outdated version of Windows. Click Download Winkey Finder. You should see this button at the bottom of the Winkey version page. Right-click the Winkey folder. It should be wherever you chose to save it when you clicked Download e.

Click Extract All. Doing so will extract the locked file’s contents onto your desktop. Double-click the Winkey Finder folder. This is the one you just extracted. Double-click the Win Keyfinder program.

It should be the only executable “. View your product key. Running the Winkey Finder program should immediately display your Windows XP product key, allowing you to apply the key to the Windows XP activation wizard the next time Windows asks you to update. To be safe, be sure to write down the product key when you see it. Method 3. Restart your computer. You can choose this option from the Start menu, or you can simply hold down your computer’s power button until it turns itself off and then press the button again.

Tap F8 as soon as your computer logo appears. You’ll need to do this during the first time the logo appears after rebooting. Keep tapping F8 until you see the advanced options menu pop up. Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Starting up your computer in this mode will bypass the Windows activation loop long enough for you to reset the timer for your XP trial. You’ll need to wait a minute or so for Safe Mode to load.

Type ” explorer. You should see a dialogue window pop up after doing so. You may need to wait for a minute or so before the window comes up. Click Yes. This may also say OK. After doing so, you should notice that your desktop interface is now accessible. This will bring up the Run tool from which you can complete the fix. Type ” rundll This command resets the Windows XP trial clock to 30 days. When your welcome screen finishes loading, you should be able to log in like usual rather than being stuck in the activation loop.

You have a certain period of time to activate Windows. After this period, Windows will be stuck on the login screen in an activation loop. Not Helpful 16 Helpful Can I do this more than once? I have already done the 30 days one, a. Step 3. Nothing I do is working this time around. You can only rearm the timer up to four times while in the grace period, or two times in safe mode. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Not Helpful 6 Helpful If you are in safe mode, boot into safe mode with command prompt and type in: explorer.

Technically the operating system is still loaded; its just limited great if you can’t load xp. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP on April 8, , and it is no longer being updated. If there is a bug, then it will never be fixed.

Not Helpful 8 Helpful Not Helpful 3 Helpful It was going fine until I came to activation, which it would not allow in safe mode. Notify me of new posts by email. Luckyman September 19, at am. Product Keys February 27, at am. Obunga April 1, at pm. Xboxxp November 2, at pm. Glifiza September 19, at am. Shehab Deraz September 19, at am. Thomas Kidd June 16, at pm. William Puchy September 19, at am. Ralph Dozer September 19, at am.

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Marc Hodges November 28, at pm. Shalonia Hinds November 30, at am. Nelson Man Dolla December 15, at am. For the users of XP who want some kind of update the option of using the Serial XP product key is there so that they can get the updates and enjoy working with this OS. If the user has the option of Serial XP in the system, then there is no need to worry. In the case of the former, there is no need to have a product key.

The copy of Windows can be easily installed without using a key. The latter on the other hand shows that the user has access to the retail edition of the Operating System. In this condition, it is very important to have a proper key if you want to install this Operating System.

If there is no serial key or the source of installation is not original, then it would become really hard to find the product key. Microsoft is known for making use of several encryptions. It is an ordeal in finding the product key manually. Hence, the user needs to check other options available for this purpose as well.

The two popular alternatives in this regard are as follows:. Some users find it tough to decide which option is a must need for Windows XP.

The creators have introduced it for both the options of bits that are 32 bits and 64 bits. The choice depends upon the kind of processor which is either 32 bit or 64 bit.

The operating system is chosen accordingly. For heavy jobs, the second option is preferable as the bit version gives better and larger memory.



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