You wouldn’t go see a movie you didn’t preview, or lease a car you didn’t test-drive, or drink a wine you didn’t sniff—this is Northern California for God’s sake! Some people even prefer to sniff, drink, then spit it all out. Not me….

Ahem… My point is that it can be awfully charming to get to know one another over dinner and drinks before deciding which fluids should go where.

Some men feel sensual pleasure via their loins alone, and if that’s you I’m not judging or dictating at all. But for the rest of us, the most pleasurable relationships begin with establishing a trusting connection based on fun, flirty, and open communication.
From there, things have a lovely way of blossoming naturally.

(Duos available upon request.)

Incall / Outcall

Duration Rate

2 Hours


3 Hours

(Couples: 3 hr minimum, +$500 additional)


4 Hours

(Preferred minimum. Outing & food must be included )


6 Hours


8 Hours



longer engagements

Duration Rate

Up to 16 Hours Overnight


24 Hours


48 Hours
(+$3,500 for each additional day)


Monthly Arrangement

Starting at $20,000

Fly me to you

Minimum 4h date + first class flight and 5 star hotel accommodation

Social Outings

(*cannot be combined with private dates*)

Duration Rate

Lunch/Dinner up to 2 hours


Day of adventure up to 6 hours


Virtual date per 30 minutes


Feeling Generous?

Gifts are never expected but always appreciated.

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Terms & Policies

*I require a 24 hour cancellation notice prior to our scheduled date. Otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee of 30% of your total donation. Now look, I understand things come up. But I’ve been disrespected in the part by those who don’t consider my time. My cancelation policy is strict, no exceptions.

*Outcalls require a travel fee based on location.

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